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The 7 Habits of Transformation


You will get immediate 24/6 online access to listen to and download each session, giving you everything you need to implement these powerful tools into your life quickly and easily.


In this 8-part series, be guided by Shimona to self-actualization and discover:
– How to heal feelings of sadness, fear or anxiety by identifying and then melting away emotional blockages
– That we no longer need to feel afraid of the dark side of our emotional nature, instead we will learn to embrace it for its unique strengths
– How to bring to the surface the deepest part of ourselves that remains unfulfilled and be given the guidelines to fill that void
– The under-developed aspects of our nature that, when accessed, will give us the ability to soar way beyond our current state
– How to shed the screen that is preventing us from feeling true delight and experience the raw joy, beauty and light of this world

Week 1: Chesed/ Lovingkindness

Uncover the many layers of love as the ground zero of all emotions. Why is it the central current of all interactions and what is it’s dark side?

Week 2: Gevura, Restraint/ Respect

How to set boundaries with ourselves and others and strengthen our self-control.

Week 3: Tiferes, Empathy/ Compassion/ Joy

Discover how to cultivate a stronger sense of compassion and joy and learn which middah is the central core of our being.

Week 4: Netzach, Courage/ Perseverance

How to ensure that we persevere when trying to fulfill our goals. How to find the balance of being ambitious without having it consume us to the point of disregarding others.

Week 5: Hod, Humility/ Gratitude/ Praise

We will reframe our notion of humility in order to surrender and thereby flourish. We will look at the correlation between praise, gratitude and humility.

Week 6: Yesod, Bonding/ Intimacy (Sexual)

We will explore sexuality, what true intimacy is and modesty.

Week 7: Malchut, Surrender/ Manifestation/ Speech

How do we bring forth our potential to the world utilizing thought, speech and action.

Week 8: Implementation: Putting it all Together, Q&A… And More

Gain solutions to some of the most commonly asked questions through a Q&A

About Shimona Tzukernik: Shimona is considered one of the foremost female authorities on Kabbalah as it applies to daily life. Through keynotes, coaching and workshops, she delivers inspiration, insight and practical tools to help others live their wisest and truest life. Shimona has addressed the United Nations Staff Recreation Council and has been featured in media around the world – including a documentary by National Geographic. For over twenty years Shimona has shared her wisdom on a range of topics with tens of thousands of people across the globe. People consistently thank her for “the lecture of a lifetime.”

“I want you to know the impact your lectures had on me as a result of the seminar I attended in March. I am the president of a small brokerage firm. Since returning from from your classes three months ago, I have been empowered to bring in 3 new national accounts and have already doubled our billings over last year. Thank you.” -Donna Adler, DLA & Associates LLC, Atlanta, Georgia

“I attended a conference with Shimona Tzukernik in the summer of 2009. This conference featured some of the leading thinkers, orators, and writers of the American Jewish community. Shimona gave masterful presentations that electrified the audience and caused everyone to think deeply about the issues she presented. I consider Shimona a revolutionary thinker who has brought the depths and profundity of Jewish mysticism and Jewish wisdom to audiences of all persuasions.” -Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, NJ

“Shimona throws out nuggets of wisdom that all of us can put in our pockets and live off for a few years. She speaks with confidence, providing her audience the same. Her audience is always engaged, entertained and enriched.” -Tzvi Freeman, Vancouver, Canada

“Shimona has a rare combination of spiritual, intellectual, and creative gifts, and her talks are inspiring and thought-provoking. She is the kind of speaker who can change lives.”-Stephanie Wellen Levine, Tufts University Cambridge, MA

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