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Transform Your Life


You will get immediate 24/6 online access to listen to and download each session, giving you everything you need to implement these powerful tools into your life quickly and easily.


Join the 7-part course to achieve inner peace, mindfulness and find your purpose

By investing in yourself today you will discover how to:
– Become more accepting of uncertainty, open yourself up to clarity and stop allowing your fear of failure to stand in your way.
– Proactively and decisively choose the direction that will best help you reach your goals and maximize your unique potential rather than going along with the herd and doing things just to please others.
– Stop worrying about the things you can’t control and push yourself to pursue a joyful, meaningful life.
– Escape complacency and mediocrity and get inspired to live purposefully and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.
– Live consciously by embracing a spiritual path and soulful connection to G-d.
– Empower yourself to transform your personal challenges into positive opportunities and stop letting the past determine your future success.

Class 1: Why am I Alive?
Class 2: Why I Don’t Want More Commandments
Class 3: Spirituality Through Prayer
Class 4: Integrating Meaning into the Mundane
Class 5: The Power of Speech
Class 6: Becoming Perfect
Class 7: Dealing with Suffering

About Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky: Internationally acclaimed lecturer and educator, Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky has touched the lives of thousands across the globe through his combination of humor, novel insights and inspiration . He is a former regional director for the National Council of Synagogue Youth and his acclaimed essays have been quoted in the New York Times, as well as many other national publications.

“The remarkable thing about Rabbi Orlofsky is that he is not only extremely funny, but he speaks devarim shenichnas balev. Every person felt as if he was speaking directly to them, in a way that they were eager to hear and be receptive. The lecture truly amazed the crowd and sparked all kinds of new interest in mitzva observance. Rabbi Orlofsky is a tremendous person who makes a fantastic impact.” -Rabbi Landis, Cincinnati, OH

“The Shabbaton we ran with Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky as our guest was simply unforgettable. All of the participants were deeply touched by his ideas, which were presented in his characteristically humorous way. His lectures showed Jews how meaningful and- yes, fun- Judaism can actually be.”-Rabbi Dovid Tugendhaft, England

“Rabbi Orlofsky has a unique ability to get a profound and impacting message across to his audience, without putting anyone to sleep! His speeches are presented in a humorous fashion, and people in our community were delighted to have him back for a second time. He also has experience in connecting to various age groups, as well as various stages of observance. It was a true privilege having him speak for our community.”- Rabbi Dovid Laufer, Edmonton, CA

“Rabbi Orlofsky’s sense of humor is well-known. What may not be as well known is his ability to appeal to the heart, to move his audience, and to bring out the joy that is inherent in a life of avodas Hashem. Laughter can open people up, but once they’re listening, you have to deliver a lasting, meaningful message. Rabbi Orlofsky does this masterfully. I am honored to have him as a friend and mentor.” -Raphael Leban, Denver, CO

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