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Your Husband’s World


You will get immediate 24/6 online access to listen to and download each session, giving you everything you need to implement these powerful tools into your life quickly and easily.


Free yourself from resentment as you develop the skills to view difficult situations from your husband’s perspective when you get immediate online access to this 4-part downloadable series.

Your classes include inspiring and practical tools giving you the opportunity to discover how to:

– Begin to view tense situations between you and your husband through a different lens, thereby releasing much of negative feelings from the interaction.
– Develop the skills to let go of all of the small grievances and instead learn to enjoy the time you spend together
– Understand your husband in a way that you never have before and begin to have compassion for his shortcomings
– Bring Hashem into your relationship so that you never feel alone or abandoned in your marriage struggle

About Sara Yoheved Rigler: Sara Yoheved Rigler is a popular international lecturer, author and marriage mentor. She has given lectures and workshops in Israel, England, Switzerland, South Africa, Mexico, Chile, Canada, and over thirty American cities. Through her highly-acclaimed marriage workshop, Sara Yoheved has helped over 2,000 women around the world improve their marriages and has transformed the lives of many of them.

“You have given me a true appreciation and respect for my husband and his wonderful qualities. It is such a change from looking at the “deficiencies”.It truly has been a privilege to have taken this journey and am so grateful that you have chosen to dedicate a part of your life to us.”

“Last week’s message gave me the key to unlock and release the painful memories and hurt in my heart. Your words opened the door and enabled me to forgive my husband and become free. I can finally say that after 44 years of marriage that I have peace in my heart towards him.”

“Sara Y Rigler is an admirable woman! A true example full of good Midot that inspires us all with her classes, tools, with love and courage, to resolve conflicts with our husbands, improve our marriages and to live a life with Torah and Mitzvoth.”

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