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Parenting with Slovie


You will get immediate 24/6 online access to listen to and download each session, giving you everything you need to implement these powerful tools into your life quickly and easily.


Get your kids to listen and create an atmosphere of peace in your home when you get immediate online access to this 8-part downloadable series on effective discipline to ensure a brighter future for your child.

Your classes include inspirational and motivational techniques that can be easily applied to your day to day life enabling you to:
– 8 Master classes where I will strengthen my relationship with my children giving them the confidence to make thoughtful, responsible and safe decisions going forward.
– The breakthrough techniques to put an end to the frustration and yelling and finally create an atmosphere of calm.
– The simple steps to stop my kids from acting out and learn how to quickly diffuse even the most difficult parenting situations.
– The powerful methods that will enable me to end the feelings of hopelessness and uncertainty and start feeling confident and empowered as a parent.
– The tools to ensure that I react with patience and calm even when my kid is completely out of control

About Slovie Jungreis Wolff: Slovie Jungreis Wolff is a noted teacher, author, relationships and parenting lecturer. She is the leader of Hineni Couples and daughter of Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis. Slovie is the author of the parenting handbook, Raising A Child With Soul. She gives weekly classes and has lectured throughout the U.S.,Canada, Mexico, Panama, and South Africa.

“Slovie’s parenting classes are just amazing! With a large dose of humor and an even larger dose of wisdom, she encourages you to look deeper within yourself and recognize where your faults and strengths lie and to try to work on them and thereby become not just a better parent, but a better wife, sister, daughter and person too.” -Sara P.

“Slovie Jungreis Wolff is an amazing person and teacher. She is also the most intuitive person I have ever met. Slovie generously shares her incredible knowledge, love and wisdom of Torah. She has a unique talent and gift of applying these teaching with practical take home tools and guidance that easily incorporates into your every day life. I have been taking her parenting classes for the past several years and have personally experienced a profound and positive life changing shift in me and my family as a result of being connected to her. Each and every time that I leave her class I am totally inspired and look forward with anticipation to the next one.” – Molly K.

“Slovie’s teachings have impacted my life in so many ways….as a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend. I am so grateful for all I have learned from Slovie – I have been able to give my kids a foundation of values that is priceless. There are so many things we don’t think about when we have children. so many decisions and choices – using Torah values as a guide has made me so proud of the path we have taken.” – Julie F.

“My husband and I began attending Slovie’s classes 7 years ago. Studying with Slovie has been the ultimate gift to my family and marriage. The importance of life’s lessons that many take for granted-Compassion, Trust, Respect,Torah wisdom & values are discussed and we always walk away WOWED. It’s an amazing feeling to know that Slovie’s lessons will be passed down from one generation to the next in our home.” -Susan I.

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