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Mastering Marriage


You will get immediate 24/6 online access to listen to and download each session, giving you everything you need to implement these powerful tools into your life quickly and easily.


By joining this 6-part series today, you will gain the tools to:
– Become the “superhero” you want them to see you as
– Bring the fun back to your marriage (like it was before the kids were born)
– Put forth your opinions in a way that will ensure that you are heard and accepted
– Create your legacy by becoming a stronger leader and mentor to your children
– Build a stronger foundation of respect in your marriage and family
– Reclaim your much needed downtime without having any guilt thrown your way

Week 1: The Art of Emotional Support

We husbands get the job done, are logical and are good providers. But on the day they were giving out warm and fuzzy emotional support we were playing football, basketball and cutting school to get to Opening Day. In this opening workshop we will meet a young couple who will model the art of emotional support that is essential for husbands to learn. Life lives in the world of emotions. When you become emotionally intelligent you will be amazed how much happier you will be. And it is in YOUR best interest to learn this.

Week 2: Learning your Wife’s Love Language

The key to a successful marriage is not reducing conflict or having common interests. The key is to restore friendship in your marriage and make your wife into your best friend, as she used to be when you were dating. Rediscover what makes your wife happy, fearful, stressed and what are the color of her eyes. When you are in touch with what your wife is feeling and thinking and rediscover how to appreciate her, you will be building emotional intimacy which is the foundation of an emotionally intelligent marriage.

Week 3: Like Yourself and Stay Married

The main barrier to a successful marriage is NOT the fact that spouses annoy each other. Rather, the main issue is that we cannot restrain ourselves from criticizing our wives or from responding to their criticism. In this workshop we will learn how to stop criticizing as the key to Shalom Bayis. How? If you learn to like yourself then you will drop the need to control or correct your wife; and if you like yourself then you will not feel the need to respond to her put-downs or defend yourself.

Week 4: Creating Positivity and Happiness

The pressures of everyday life, making a living, in-laws, balancing your learning schedule with kid’s homework, exercise, the Mets and Giants, with family life is not overwhelming—it is impossible. In this workshop you will learn how to control your temper, not lose it with the kids and create an atmosphere of positivity and happiness in your home.

Week 5: Power Struggles and Conflict

If you look at your wife with respect you will be willing to learn from her and share in the decision making. This will take the power struggle out the marriage and allow you to be an involved, connected husband and father. You can agree to disagree about certain ongoing issues and still have a good marriage. Solve the problems that you can and accept that you have a difference of opinion about certain things.

Week 6: Teamwork in Motivating Children

Learn how to work together with your wife to motivate your children to be your allies in running the family smoothly and efficiently. Learn evidence based techniques of behavior modification to motivate kids toward academic and social success

About Rabbi Yisroel Roll: Yisroel Roll, MS, JD, LCPC, is a psychotherapist in private practice. He conducts workshops worldwide and is the acclaimed author of 7 books. Yisroel Roll’s experience as Rabbi, psychotherapist, divorce mediator, and educator, brings a wealth of wisdom and practical technique to the workshop experience. He currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and five children.

“Rabbi Roll forces us to focus on the “elephant in the room”. Everyone intuitively knows how our speech is the number one wrecker of marriages. But most of us let it fester like a cancer until we have done irreversible damage. The results are instant. We can turn our marriages around and recapture the joy we had when we teamed up to build our home.” -D.L.

“Rabbi Roll breaks down the steps to communicating that we may have lost sight of, or that we may not think of once we’re “in the moment” with a situation with our spouse. His logic is simple & sound, and not only guides all spouses toward a successful & satisfying conclusion, but broadens our scope to be able to see the big picture, including our relationships as a family member & leader.” -Arney R.

“With today’s prevailing attitude of the “disposable marriage”, Rabbi Roll’s insights are a breath of much-needed fresh air. Positivity and constructive communication can work wonders in any relationship. I have adopted many of the mindsets and techniques in this book, and I have seen a marked improvement in my relationships with my spouse, my children, and even with my parents.” -E. Edelson

“Rabbi Roll hits the nail on the head in a friendly and encouraging manner. His style makes you feel like he is a good friend wanting you only to succeed. Rabbi Roll’s no nonsense attitude helps you learn about your deep inner self and what you can do to be successful in your relationship. He shows you how simple it really is! You can start using his practical ideas right away and you will be amazed at the results!” -E.B.

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