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Love Relationships

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You will get immediate 24/6 online access to listen to and download each session, giving you everything you need to implement these powerful tools into your life quickly and easily.


In this 4-part series, Rebbetzin Heller shares insight into our relationships, including the love we have for ourselves,  children and spouse, and ultimately, understanding our love of G-d. We gain the tools necessary to open our eyes and hearts to redefine how we love through empathy, acceptance and respect and how to turn around unhealthy love relationships.

About Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller: Internationally acclaimed speaker and educator, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller has been a full-time lecturer at Neve Yerushalayim College in Jerusalem since 1980, impacting the lives of thousands of women worldwide. She is also the author of six popular books, including Here You Are, Battle Plans, and This Way Up.

“Her teachings are changing my life. Thank you for making them available in the USA.”

“What a blessing!! The class was extremely insightful and beautiful. It feels right to listen to someone who thinks like I do and also brings beautiful light to the table. I loved it! It encourages my best!”

“The healthy relationship class hit home. Since I am 6 years old I have been mothering instead of being mothered. I am trying for many years to accept that my mother hasn’t grown up and never will. She is impulsive, manipulative, and inconsistent and I get very frustrated with her. I keep making resolutions that I will not react to her triggers but as soon as I’m with her -boom. so I don’t like going to her and feel guilty. your class is changing my perspective on kibbud eim . I know it will take a lot of work but thank you for removing the first brick.”

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