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Liberate Yourself from Holiday Stress


You will get immediate 24/6 online access to listen to and download each session, giving you everything you need to implement these powerful tools into your life quickly and easily.


In this 6-part series, Chaya Hinda Allen will guide you to:
– Discover how to let go of feelings of trepidation that accompany an upcoming chag and begin to anticipate holidays with excitement and a spiritual uplift
– Delve beyond the cooking, cleaning, relatives, hosting, etc. so that you and your family are able to tap into the wellspring of spiritual potential at this time of year
– Gain the skills to transform your mindset so that you spend the upcoming weeks feeling exhilarated and empowered rather than depleted and overwhelmed
– Uncover within yourself a hidden well of capabilities that will enable you to effortlessly power through the preparation process instead of feeling like you’re in over your head
– Gain the systematic method to prepare for Pesach in an organized and timely fashion without exhaustive late nights, last-minute grocery runs or any additional work than what is required

Week 1: Simchas Purim

Keeping your sanity amidst the madness of preparations, celebrations and finding your personal spiritual connection to the holiday

Week 2: Getting Down to the Practicalities

Breeze through your preparations with maximum efficiency and speed with the Pesach prep “cheat sheet” that Chaya Hinda has spent many years perfecting.

Week 3: Creating Your Power Team

Eliminate frustration and discord amongst family and visiting relatives by gaining the skills to get the help you need and motivate helpers of all ages.

Week 4: Beyond Money

How to refocus from finances to the five life-changing secrets that money cannot buy at this time of year

Week 5: Almost Erev Pesach

How to put enjoyment in the forefront by learning to enjoy hosting and all its complications including: quirks, opinions and differences amongst family, visiting relatives & friends.

Week 6: Q&A

Receive clarity from Chaya Hinda’s candid responses to some of the most commonly asked questions. She will explore how to ensure that pre-holiday stress doesn’t set in going forward.

About Chaya Hinda Allen: Chaya Hinda Allen gives life-changing workshops to thousands of women around the world. The program she’s developed is much more than a class, it is a step-by-step guide for how to change and improve your life from the inside out, on an emotional level. Her methods help women gain the practical tools which guide them in a personalized way through a step-by-step process to bring: more happiness, inner peace, better relationships, success, and closeness with Hashem into their lives.

“Just knowing I am in This amazing class with Chaya Hinda is so calming and keeps my mind clear daily!! With her amazing warm words of Chizuk She keeps us remembering that this is not real!!!! All that comes into our mind.. each second of each day!! TY! TY! There are no words for me to properly express to Chaya Hinda my total appreciation for keeping my eyes and mind clear and in The real world!!”

Chaya Hinda has changed my life and my journey goes on well, with all her tools and encouragement.”

“I just finished watching her class from this week and it helped me so much with a situation we are currently facing.  This is a perfect choice, and from HaShem…”

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