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Intimacy Mega-Training


You will get immediate 24/6 online access to listen to and download each session, giving you everything you need to implement these powerful tools into your life quickly and easily.


Your classes include practical and balanced ideas giving you the opportunity to:

~Rekindle the romance even after having kids, being busy with jobs and the distractions of day-to-day life.

~Get your spouse to notice you, be attracted to you and build a deep intimate connection.

~Restore an intimate relationship even after years spent with little or no intimacy.

~Handle your own feelings of disinterest and distaste for intimacy

In this exclusive 4-part series you will discover:

~Kedusha, Da’at and The Divine Image

~Common Challenges in Creating a Good Intimate Relationship

~Impediments to Connection

~Our Goals in Our Sexual Relationships

~Expectations, How Often, Asking for Sex

~The Nine Different Ways in Which Sex Can be Bad in a Marriage

~The Four Phases of the Human Sexual Response Cycle

~Love Languages

~Hitchadshut- Make Yourself New

Plus, questions never addressed before…

~How to stay motivated?

~What to do when regular intercourse isn’t working?

~What is a man’s responsibility to his wife?

~Prioritizing, Preparations and Spontaneity

~Is self-stimulation permitted?

~Learning more about each other through intimate communication and conversation


“She is answering questions and concerns I have never had the courage to ask. She speaks clearly and in a very organized manner.” -Shoshana G.

“The Aliza Bulow webinar should be required for every Jewish woman no fewer than every 3-5 years.” -Marsha F.

“Thank you for offering this Webinar. This is the type of information that can only be related one on one or with the relative anonymity of a webinar. I thought why do I need this? I was very happy with this aspect of my marriage and was surprised how much I learned that can make it even better. Thank you for offering it!” -Leora R.

“I am amazed and gratified that a woman speaker can give over such a delicate issue so clearly and not in embarrassed way. wish I knew all this 20 + years ago.” -Sandra T.

“This is needed information and very beneficial. It’s nice I can listen to it in the privacy of my own home. I like her openness and the tie-in to Torah and kabbalah.” -Miriam C.

“Aliza’s honesty in her lecture on intimacy hits home. she doesn’t mince words and said things that I think a lot of married couples need to hear.” -Fiona T.

“Aliza is the perfect person to teach this sensitive material. She is honest and candid and still absolutely handles everything appropriately. VERY IMPORTANT info and there is no one better than she to clarify this topic.” -Tamar F.

“I am so appreciative for Aliza’a webinar! I don’t believe there are ENOUGH resources available on physical intimacy for the frum woman!” -Chana Sarah G.

“This is a fantastic workshop that is long overdue. There are marriage problems because women are being machmir and being taught to be machmir, when they do not have to be. We are not Muslim or Christian and we need to stop acting like that. Kol Hakavod to you for offering this.” -Nurit L.

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