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Ignite Your Soul This Elul


You will get immediate 24/6 online access to listen to and download each session, giving you everything you need to implement these powerful tools into your life quickly and easily.

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By investing in yourself this New Year, you will discover how to:

-Systematically elevate yourself to a better version of you than you were last year

-Feel confident that this year you will go into the holidays feeling connected to the essence of what the holidays are all about.

-Utilize Elul to deepen your connection to G-d and feel proud of what you have accomplished during this important time.

-Discover what it is that makes this time period so significant and what incredible feats you can achieve by tapping into the energy of the holiday season.

-Develop a deeply ingrained understanding of what is required of you and what you are capable of as you stand in prayer throughout Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

Session 1:

How to Find Your Own G-dliness A study of the 13 attributes of mercy and how to access them

Session 2:

Choose Your New Path Embracing your middos in a positive and empowered manner

Session 3:

Making the Most of Rosh Hashana Gain a deeper understanding of the prayers and how they change you and your fate for the coming year

Session 4:

Make Your Teshuva Stick! Create a game plan for this coming year to help you succeed

About Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller: Internationally acclaimed speaker and educator, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller has been a full-time lecturer at Neve Yerushalayim College in Jerusalem since 1980, impacting the lives of thousands of women worldwide. She is also the author of six popular books, including Here You Are, Battle Plans, and This Way Up.

I am a secular Jew who yearns to learn! This helps hugely. The amount of learning I do here compliments my learning with now orthodox rabbi’s and rebbitzin’s here. Learning with Rebbitzin Tzpiorrah Heller is an edge that helps my transition to want to take on more Jewish observances, a thousand times over!! I just love learning. 

I’ve learned how much I look forward to the weekly classes. Depending on the topic and where I am at the moment (in my mind) the class comes to life….. I have learned so much info over the amount over the time I have been involved in Rebbitzen Heller class that it’s hard to pinpoint. But believe me…. a tremendous amount!!!!

Experiencing R Heller almost in person at my desk. I like her books and articles but the classes are so much more real to me. The sense of community with the other participants makes me feel like part of something bigger than myself.

I think they are perfect I love the Jewish history I love the Jewish law’s I love learning about the different parshas.. I love learning about the holidays and koshering info too. I just love learning everything!

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