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Getting to Know Your Soul Through the 13 Characteristics


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In this 12-part series with Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller, we travel a journey toward inner self-awareness as we discover the faculties of the soul. These faculties have both positive and negative parameters. Through Rebbetzin Heller’s fascination insight and knowledge, we gain a deeper understanding into ourselves, others, and the path to personal growth.

Havaya (Being): Utilize meditation to discover the place inside yourself that is content to just be without the frantic energy to do

Onah (Pleasure): Discover how to turn away distractions and connect to a deeper part of yourself

Yish Hada’as (Inner Serenity): Develop the ability to make our inside reflect our outside and vice versa thereby becoming our most authentic selves

Chochma (Wisdom): Learn how to empty your mind in order to create a vessel for our souls to pour wisdom into our conscious mind

Binah (Contemplation): Discover how to develop wisdom into an idea through the art of contemplation

Chesed (Kindness): Learn how to distinguish between real chesed and mechanical acts of kindness and the role of  chesed as a goal of creation

Gevurah (Limitations): Gain the ability to set boundaries which is a vital tool in order to take care of yourself and others

Rachamim (Compassion): Develop the skill to step outside of yourself and into the world of another in order to limit the separateness that exists between people

Netzach (Lasting Victory): Despite the inner battle that is constantly being waged, you will discover the techniques to keep your sites aimed at victory

Hodaya (Gratitude): Develop gratitude by learning how to negate the ego in order to truly see the goals and values of another

Hiskashrus (Connection): Discover how connection is so vital to our lives and how to create connections and deepen those that we already have

Shiflus (lowliness): Discover a safe place within yourself that is connected to Hashem and use it to battle low self-esteem and uncover your self worth

About Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller: Internationally acclaimed speaker and educator, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller has been a full-time lecturer at Neve Yerushalayim College in Jerusalem since 1980, impacting the lives of thousands of women worldwide. She is also the author of six popular books, including Here You Are, Battle Plans, and This Way Up.

“The Rebbetzin’s classes are wonderful and I so appreciate being able to learn from her all the way from Chicago! Please express my gratitude for the high level learning she shares, yet very practical words of wisdom to live by consciously each day.”

last weeks class with Rebbetzin Heller was so beautiful, deep, clear, practical, invigorating, inspirational.”

Thank you as always so much for such chizuk and inspiration. B”H we should be able to put into practice what you give over and gain more clarity and vision and become better human beings. There are no words to express our appreciation for the truth, depth and clarity that you give us. B”H you have so much vision of people and their situations.”



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