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Derech Hashem- Free Will and Why Things Happen


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Through Part 2 of the Derech Hashem, Rabbi Tatz will reveal:

  • The central place of Free Will in the Creation
  • Aspects of Free Will; Foreknowledge and Free Will
  • The Danger of Other People’s Free Will
  • Why Things Happen – Divine Providence Hidden and Revealed
  • And more…

Class 1: Discover the meaning of Free Will and its uniquely human dimension, the areas in life in which we have Free Will, how one’s Free Will can affect another and the place of genetics and social factors regarding Free Will.

Class 2: Delve deeper into the topic of Free Will and discover how choices are made and the limits on Free Will, when one is accountable for his actions and when an action is considered forced.

Class 3: Gain an understanding of the seemingly challenging conflict between Hashem’s knowledge of what we will choose and our absolute ability to make that choice through teachings of the Rambam, Raavad, Rabbeinu Crescas, and others.

Class 4: Uncover the great mystery of the existence of both Hashem’s foreknowledge and our free will as well as the ultimate level of giving up one’s free will.

Class 5: Explore the confounding question of whether one can have free will when there are no multiple alternatives, the two dimensions of This World and the Next World and the relationship between them.

Class 6: Delve into the fascinating discussion on whether one person’s free will can affect or damage someone else through various angles and Torah sources. Learn the power of man’s free will and its limitation.

Class 7: Discover the reasons things happen in the world. Examine Hashgacha Klalis (General Providence) versus Hashgacha Peratis (Individual Providence) and the application of each as well as the root cause of our character traits and life circumstances and how to use this knowledge to perfect ourselves in the world.

Class 8: Begin to understand the topic of gilgulim (reincarnation) as a reason for things happening in the world. Discover different reasons why a person may be reincarnated and what this means for both the body and the soul.

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About Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz is a South African born physician, author and lecturer. He studied medicine in Johannesburg with elective work at Washington University in St Louis and graduated with distinction in surgery. He spent a number of years concurrently practicing medicine and engaging in Talmudic study in Israel. His Jerusalem Medical Ethics Forum teaches and promotes knowledge of Jewish medical ethics internationally. He has written a number of books on the subjects of Jewish philosophy and Jewish Medical Ethics: Anatomy of a Search, Living Inspired, Worldmask, The Thinking Jewish Teenager’s Guide to Life, Letters to a Buddhist Jew, Dangerous Disease & Dangerous Therapy in Jewish Medical Ethics, Will, Freedom & Destiny, and As Dawn Ends the Night. These are also available in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and Portuguese translations. He currently teaches at the Jewish Learning Exchange in London and internationally, and delivers a weekly Webinar on Jewish Thought and Practice, hosted by Jewish Workshops.

I enjoyed very much and learned a lot about subjects I hadn’t even realized were controversial. Thank you Rabbi Tatz for sharing your wealth of knowledge in this complex and crucial area.”

“Rabbi Tatz’s TORAH is transparent, decentralized and immutable and if you don’t have some YOU BETTER ADD TATZ’s TORAH TO YOUR PORTFOLIO!!!!

“You have opened so very many gates to learning (“new ears” with each shiur!).

Rabbi Tatz’s shuirim somehow ‘zooms’ into personal dilemma’s which has given me the clarity/wisdom to make choices..”

The program is excellent. Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz holds the attention of the listener to the point that one sits at the edge of the seat in anticipation- waiting for the questions he poses and the subsequent answers. In two words : Awe Inspiring.”

I can get a basic shiur anywhere or learn basic things on my own. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the deeper depth approach Rabbi Tatz comes from. It’s just so enjoyable.

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