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Compassionate Communication


You will get immediate 24/6 online access to listen to and download each session, giving you everything you need to implement these powerful tools into your life quickly and easily.


In this 3-part series Miriam will give you the tools to connected communication by giving you the words that will deepen your bonds with other people and the listening techniques that will make others trust and feel cared by you.

By guided by Miriam Adahan and finally gain the tools to:
-Turn around your inner voice and learn the tools to “communicate” with yourself in a way that only elicits positivity.
-Learn how to communicate your needs in a way that opens up the recipient’s heart to assist you instead of feeling attacked.
-Truly empathize with another person in a way that makes them feel validated and cared about.

About Dr. Miriam Adahan: Dr. Miriam Adahan’s groundbreaking approach to human emotions has revolutionized the way that the Jewish world approaches psychology. With over 15 books published in numerous languages all over the world, there is barely a home that hasn’t been touched by Dr. Adahan’s methodology. With over 40 years experience in counseling, lecturing, writing and training counselors, Dr. Adahan’s well-spring of knowledge and vast experience of the human condition cannot be duplicated. Thousands all over the world have Dr. Adahan to thank for the success of their relationships and the emotional well-being of their families. Quietly residing in the outskirts of Jerusalem, Dr. Adahan truly is the reigning expert when it comes to modern Jewish psychology.

“The first class was so uplifting and enlightening! I had tears in my eyes! Thank you Dr. Adahan! I remember when you came to speak to us when I was in high school and I still remember the beautiful lessons that you taught us. I even continue to pass them on as I teach them to my students. =)
you are wonderful! cant wait for the next session!”

“The webinar was phenomenal! In fact words can not even describe how encouraging and uplifting it was to participate.”

“I’m very grateful that Hashem gave me the opportunity to gain insight from Miriam Adahan these past 4 weeks, as it gave me a lot to work on. I also felt throughout that she had a personal concern for everyone’s welfare who was joining the webinar.”

“”Love Heals … Only Love Heals … Love Heals … Only Love Heals … Love Heals … Only Love Heals … I want to keep these precious words shining before me always, like a Shivisi. Miriam Adahan’s words have been a major force of healing in my life, and thus in all the lives I touch, for three or four decades now.”

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