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Achieving Anxiety Relief


You will get immediate 24/6 online access to listen to and download each of the 6 sessions, giving you everything you need to implement these powerful tools into your life quickly and easily.

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By joining this 6-part series, you will discover how to:
– Reinvent your inner monologue and face your daily insecurities, fears and worries with strength and confidence.
– Put an end to sleepless nights and worrying about the things you can’t control, and finally have the energy to enjoy life.
– Retrain your brain to react to stress with calm and acceptance instead of panic and anxiety so you can be the guide your child needs.
– Avoid the consuming feelings of unease and self-doubt by learning to be comfortable in vulnerable situations.

Week 1: Feeling, Facing & Erasing Fear

Understanding, greeting and treating your own fear and your child’s fear. Learn how to apply all strategies to yourself and your child.

Week 2: How to Stop Worrying

Gain the skills to finally stop worrying! i.e. will my daughter ever get married, will they like it (my performance at work/my dinner party), what will the test results show (after a routine medical check up)…

Week 3: Eliminate Fear

Let Sarah Chana walk you through the steps to eliminate fear and calm your nerves. i.e. fear of spiders (robbers, dogs, needles, thunderstorms), anxiety before giving a presentation/taking a test, the panicky feeling you have when stuck in an elevator, fear of flying, fear of upcoming dental surgery…

Week 4: Improving Sleep, Calming the System, and Restoring Balance after Frightening/Overwhelming Experiences

Get the strategies you need to help the body relax, fall asleep, and deepen sleep. Learn how to have deep, refreshing 5 minute power naps during the day to help compensate for inadequate rest or sleep at night. Help eliminate the effects of traumatic or overwhelming life experiences and restore a sense of safety and stability.

Week 5: Creating Deep Inner Security

Replace feelings of vulnerability and negativity with feelings of steady confidence and optimism to see you through every life situation.

Week 6: Q&A

Gain insights into the top questions through a Q&A and implementation session.

About Sarah Chana Radcliffe: A registered member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, Sarah Chana Radcliffe has been practicing marriage, parenting and individual counseling for over 40 years. Sarah Chana is a well sought after lecturer on stress management, relationships, anger management and emotional well-being. She is the author of Raise Your Kids without Raising your Voice, The Fear Fix, Make Yourself at Home and 5 other books on family life and emotional well-being.

“You can see that Sara Chana is at a point of expertise in her field where she just outpours knowledge and information. Her webinars are totally packed with such useful information and so well delivered! Thank you!!!!”

“I think she is an excellent presenter with a treasure trove on valuable information”

“I registered because liked her free introduction class, so I was expecting a good class, but it totally blew me away – it’s FANTASTIC! I started to apply her methods, and they truly do work!”

I am really grateful that this is being offered.  I currently don’t have a mentor in my life and I feel that this is giving me the chance to get some mentoring (and more!) in the most important area of my life!

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