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A New Path to Healthy Self-Esteem


You will get immediate 24/6 online access to listen to and download each session, giving you everything you need to implement these powerful tools into your life quickly and easily.

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By joining this 8-part series right now, you’ll discover how to:
– Stop looking for external validation, and find an inner stability to help you through challenging and uncertain times.
– Be mindful of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Know your vulnerabilities as well as your strengths, and let your healthy side breathe.
– Avoid self-sabotage and regain your motivation and drive by recognizing your gifts, talents and self-worth.
– Overcome self-doubt and self-defeating thoughts, and open the door to connect more deeply with the people most important to you.

Week 1: Healthy Self-Esteem vs. Unhealthy Narcissism: Understanding Self-Esteem
Get an in-depth look at the positive and negative qualities of high and low self-esteem.

Week 2: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Self-Defeating Thoughts
Often the cause of self doubt is unrealistic expectations. A person being told that he is great, he is the best, he has endless potential can actually make him anxious and doubtful because he knows its not all true. Learn how to cultivate a more balanced picture of yourself, and how to help your children create this healthy picture as well.

Week 3: Take Stock of your Character and Develop your Unique Talents
Discover your unique potential with an objective assessment of your talents and your faults. It’s important to identify your strengths and your weaknesses, but not be intimidated by either.

Week 4: Free yourself from Victim Mode
A healthy and realistic awareness of Divine Providence is essential to mental well-being. We need to know and acknowledge what we cannot change, and understand that in G-d’s plan nothing will ever go wrong.

Week 5: Reward and Punishment
Guilt is the feeling of being “less than before”: Less lovable, less acceptable, less valuable to someone. Presently or in the future. How can we know what G-d thinks of us?

Week 6: Weathering the Seasons of Life
Reinvent yourself. In every stage of life there is a mission waiting for us. Something that we can do under the new circumstances. Every new challenge is a new lease on life.

Week 7: How do we get Beyond Ourselves and What Will we Find There?
The future of our collective psychology rests on discovering that deep down inside we don’t have dark, hidden needs – we have no needs at all! Even the needs with which we are born, the demands of human existence, are not ours because we don’t need to be born.

Week 8: Q&A
Get answers to commonly asked questions and gain a unique insight into the complexities of self-esteem.

About Rabbi Manis Friedman: Rabbi Manis Friedman is a world-renowned author, counselor, lecturer and philosopher who uses ancient wisdom and modern wit as he captivates audiences around the world. With over 150,000 copies of his provocative yet entertaining tapes, both audio and video have been sold and his widely praised book, Doesn’t Anyone Blush Anymore, is in its fourth printing. Rabbi Friedman has also been featured internationally in over 200 print articles, and interviewed on more than 50 television and radio talk shows. He has appeared on CNN, A&E Reviews, PBS, and BBC Worldwide, and has been the subject of articles in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Seventeen, Guideposts, Insight, Publisher’s Weekly and others.

“Rabbi Friedman’s gentle wit and wisdom seem to come from distant and deep understandings of the human condition. His instruction is both practical and attainable. It is presented in a down to earth, contemporary and often very humorous way. It provides an understanding of responsibility and attitude towards life. ” -E.M.

“Rabbi Manis Friedman has a remarkable grasp on the “places” inside us that we try to ignore. His advice for living and loving is unusually sound and his gentle delivery is among the finest.”-D.P.

“Rabbi Friedman has amazing ideas on attitude, emotion, loyalty, and love. I found this class to be a real gem and one that I learned from. I loved, loved, loved how he defined loyalty and his examples were spot on. ” -E.C.

“ Rabbi Friedman is straight forward, direct, to the point and what he says is very, very true. He takes what the world makes seem complicated and lays it out for us with utmost simplicity. Rabbi Friedman changed my way of thought, and most definitely my life! Thank you Rabbi Friedman! =)” -C.R.

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