Powerful, Practical Tools to Improve Your Marriage

Studies reveal that even the smallest problems can snowball into major issues when not dealt with promptly.

In this exclusive training given by Sara Yoheved Rigler you will discover how to:

  • Bring the love back into your marriage like your wedding day. (After all, who enjoys a loveless marriage?)

  • Make your husband want to be with you and be close to you.

  • Replace resentment, anger, and disappointment with love and joy.

  • Actualize your own spiritual potential as you bring out the best in your husband and yourself.

This workshop will take place on Tuesday, January 21st. Spots are going really fast so sign up now in order not to miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

About Sara Yoheved Rigler:

Over the past couple of years over 1,800 women have enriched their marriages from Sara Yoheved Rigler’s unique approach. Due to her methods, countless marriages have been improved and love has been resurrected in homes worldwide. She is the author of three best-sellers: Holy Woman,Lights from Jerusalem, and Battle Plans: How to Fight the Yetzer Hara(with Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller), as well as her wildly popular personal memoir G-d Winked: Tales and Lessons from My Spiritual Adventures. She is a popular international lecturer on subjects of Jewish spirituality. She has given lectures and workshops in Israel, England, France, South Africa, Mexico, Panama, Canada, and over thirty American cities. A graduate of Brandeis University, after fifteen years of practicing and teaching meditation and Eastern philosophy, she discovered “the world”s most hidden religion: Torah Judaism.” Since 1985, she has been living as a Torah-observant Jew in the Old City of Jerusalem with her husband and two children.

“These live classes have truly become the highlight of my week. Just the sound of Rebbetzin Rigler’s “shalom from Yerushalayim” evokes such powerful emotions! The classes are really multi-faceted in that I find them enjoyable and relaxing on the one hand but also inspiring and thought-provoking urging me on to tackle the challenges of the new week. While I initially signed up for the course to improve my marriage, I have been pleasantly surprised to find so much focus on self-improvement. Every area Rebbetzin Rigler addresses (gratitude, self-esteem, etc.) is so vital and applicable to my life.”
S.T., Newhaven
“I was actually using the D-word [divorce], thinking of the preliminary steps to end my marriage, before I took the Kesher Wife Workshop. Now I have been practicing the tools I learned for three months, and my marriage is better than it has ever been – no more fights, no more derision on my part. It was truly life-changing.”
T.R., Brooklyn, married 15 years
“The presentation was outstanding. The creativity, props, practical steps to accomplish the goals, and the incredible amount of information given over—all contributed to an amazing experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
R.J.,Baltimore, married 4 years
“Thank you so so so much for the terrific, outstanding, earth-shattering, mind-boggling, powerful, presentation you gave our group last night. I was very looking forward to hearing your wise words. Little did I know that this would be a multi-sensory experience where I would bathe my body and soul in holy waters.”
T.K., Queens
“I gained so much from the seminar. Wow, did it speak to me! I am catching myself criticizing, correcting, and controlling and re-framing myself. Those of us who were there felt deeply challenged to reevaluate our styles of communication.”
D. R., Monsey, married 19 years